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Volcan Cosiguina, Northern NicaraguaVolcan Cosiguina, Northern Nicaragua

Volcan Cosiguina

Volcan Cosiguina by NomadInMe.

Volcan Cosiguina is a volcano in the north-west of Nicaragua, overlooking El Salvador and the Gulf Of Fonseca and the Pacific Ocean. Volcan Cosiguina offers a challenging hike and a unique experience for the ‘off the beaten path’ traveller. Due to its remote location, it is seldom visited.

About Volcan Cosiguina

Volcan Cosiguina is one of 19 active volcanos in Nicaragua. Due to its location, it is one of the countries least visited volcanos but for the same reason, it offers one of the most rewarding experience’s. Volcan Cosiguina has a wild history, being responsible for one of the largest known modern eruptions in the American continent.

It is said that Volcan Cosiguina once sat at over 3000 metres, this all changed on January 20, 1835, when a massive eruption devastated the area. Ash from the eruption is known to have made it as far as Jamaica. It erupted again in 1859 and has not erupted since.

Located in the Chinandega region Volcan Cosiguina now has an elevation 872m, It can be found on the northernmost Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Flanked to the east of the Gulf of Fonseca and to the north El Salvador.

Getting To Volcan Cosiguina

Volcan Cosiguina requires a 4wd to access the hiking trail, this cuts off 2 or 3 hours of the hike. The hike itself is moderate in difficulty and around 3 hours up and 2.5 hours on the way down. It is recommended to start as early as possible, this way you avoid the hot sun and get the best view. Times and difficulty will vary with the time of the year, May to October are the wettest months.

When you reach the top you are met with several very different and equally beautiful views. To the North across the entrance to the Gulf of Fonseca, you will see El Salvador. To the East Honduras and the inland mountains of northern Nicaragua. To the south an incredible view with the prawn grounds in the foreground and Nicaragua’s Volcan San Cristobel in the distance.

Where To Stay When Visiting Volcan Cosiguina

Chinandega is the closest town to Volcan Cosiguina, generally, in this part of Nicaragua, you find little tourism and in turn a shortage in a variety of accommodation. When I visited Volcan Consiguina I was staying in Aposentillo a very small beach down with a selection of surf hostels and vacation rentals available in this area.

The lack of tourism especially when compared to south Pacific Nicaragua is very enjoyable, extremely friendly locals and distinct ex-pat and surfer community can be found is Aserradores and Aposentillo. The beaches fishing and surfing in the are world-class.

Bellow are a selection of properties with different proximities to Volcan Consiguina.

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Due to the remoteness of this part of Nicaragua, I would recommend combining a visit to Volcan Consiguina with another activity. Aposentillo, Aserradores and Jiquilillo are nearby beach towns with world-class surf. The boom in particular in Aseradores is a very popular surfing location. Alternatively, Chinandega is a great cultural town to visit and home to the Flor de Cana rum distiller.

Do you have any questions or something to add? Let me know bellow in the comments section!

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