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From the great Sahara Desert to the rich jungles of Equatorial Guinea Africa has it all. As the second-largest continent in the World and with more countries than any other. Africa’s massively varied landscape and coast, combined with the rich variety of ancient cultures. Makes it one of the most exciting travel destinations out there.

We are here to show you that Africa is so much more than safaris and the Pyramids. Most of the 54 countries that make up the continent are brimming with up and coming travel destinations and attractions. For the adventurists out there, excitement awaits at every corner. With the opportunity to do and see what few people have.

The articles in this category will help you plan a safe and stress-free trip. Whilst guiding you to absolute best on offer in this staggeringly diverse and exciting part of the world.

swim with whales, whale watching, whales, humpback, sperm whale, orcaswim with whales, whale watching, whales, humpback, sperm whale, orca

Swim With Whales

Swim with whales by NomadInMe. Swimming with whales is a life-changing experience but may not be for everyone. The best places to swim with whales are Tonga, Australia, Dominica, Silver Banks, French Polynesia and Norway. Read more to learn more about the best places in the world to swim...